1,Hot Stone Therapy:75’ - 90’ - 120’ Price: 890,000 – 1.090.000 – 1.490.000 VND.

– Hot Stone Massage is a form of body work that involves the application of heated stones (thermotherapy) to the body within the context of a therapeutic massage. Round, smooth stones are heated to luxurious warmth, oiled and used in the palm of the hands to massage the body. Heat penetrates deeply, prompting profound relaxation, increased detoxification, and relief of long-standing muscular tension, stress and fatigue.

– Special Offer: Offer free meals for treatment from 120’

2, Vietnamese Massage: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ – 120’ Price: 590.000 – 790.000 – 990.000 – 1.390.000 VND.

– An ancient massage technique from Vietnam. Pressure point techniques with invigorating movements to warm relax muscles and improve sense of well being and physical flexibility with aromatherapy massage oils.
Special Offer: Offer free meals for treatment from 120’

3, Traditional Thai massage: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ Price: 790.000 – 990.000 – 1190.000 VND

Traditional Thai Massage is a system of massage and assisted stretching developed in Thailand handed down through centuries. Pressure techniques along the body’s energy lines combine with muscle stretching to replace tension and stress with a feeling of energy and peace.

4, Aroma Therapy: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ – 120’ Price: 570.000 – 770.000 – 970.000 – 1.370.000 VND.

– From one of our four signature blended oils, created to deliver the utmost in aromatic power, choose the scent that instinctively appeals the most. The relaxing massage that follows combines light to medium pressure with deeply healing aromatherapy, helping to calm the nervous system, reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep.
Special Offer: Offer free meals for treatment from 120’

5, Asian Blend massage: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ - 120 Price: 650.000 – 850.000 – 1090.000 – 1.490.000 VND.

This is a combination of all the best Asian massage therapies. An unique blend of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese Shiatsu massage techniques, then throwing in some long calculated strokes, stretching, thumb and elbow techniques, and this therapy will ease away stress from

Special Offer: Offer free meals for treatment from 120’

6, The charm of pregnant Treatment: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ Price: 590.000 – 790.000 – 990.000VND.

Pregnant women are a natural thing that any mother wants and for the mother’s body to be the healthiest. We have launched the optimal massage combining traditional techniques with essential oils from nature with hot stones that will help the mother’s body dispel all fatigue and also help the mother have more positive energy.

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